Encouragement for the End of a Rough Semester

So, this semster has been rough. Let me share my personal testimony. I started this semester off just like everyone else believing that it would be successful and productive. I committed myself to so many things which included taking 17 credit hours, working 2 jobs, starting a research project, and co-leading a campus ministry. I realized that it would be a huge responsibility but, I figured I could handle it. Now, here it is the end of the semester and I’m not sure if I’m going to pass one of my classes. Now, I understand that faith without works is dead so, if you don’t study why complain about recieving a bad grade, right? In my case, I studied but, it wasn’t enough and I felt like I could never fit in the time. I was constantly sleep deprived and I dealt with a lot of anxiety. So, it wasn’t like I was being lazy or not putting in any effort. I spent so many nights talking to God about my grades and all I really wanted was to avoid putting myself into this situation again. Yes, again! This semester I spent so much time praying, worshipping, fasting and getting into God’s word like I never have before. I’m so thankful that he gave me some perspective concerning my situation. The following are key lessons that God taught me this semester:

God loves me.

God loves me and he loves you too. Even after you make mistakes. Even if you’re that student who decided to give up–he loves you too. This semester was of no surprise to him. Actually, this semester was included into his plan. When we think about God’s plan for our lives, we are lead to believe that his plan only includes the beautiful, praise-worthy things that happen. Your mistakes, shortcomings, failures and whatever else are included into his plan also. God has the ability to turn any negative situation around and use it for his glory. Psalm 40 is one of my favorite scriptures. David speaks about being preserved by God’s lovingkindness. He also mentions how God delievered him out of a pit or the KJV reads, “miry clay, ” and God did it without wanting anything. That’s grace. So, even after this rough semester, even if your GPA takes a downward turn, remember the lovingkindness that God has for you. If God called you to be a teacher, nurse, doctor, lawyer ect., he will make a way for that to happen because of his lovingkindness towards you.

God wants my heart.

God wants your heart too. He cares about your heart more than he does about your GPA. He still cares about your GPA; however, your GPA isn’t going to get you into his kingdom. It’s all about priorities. Trials, tests, struggles, challenges, and obstacles are not  designed to make you miserable. They’re designed to make you closer to God. This semester I had to be more dependent upon God and less on myself. In moments where I felt weak, God proved himself to be strong. (2 Corinthians 12:9 &10). I saw God moving on my situation. Did my grades improve? Not really but, there was a change within my heart. I can honestly say that this situation has taught me how to be genuinely content in every season. Because of this situation, I know God better now than I knew him before. I’m more faithful to him now than I was before. I love God more now than I loved him before. I understand that faith moves beyond my situation. Faith says that I believe that God can change this situation but, even if it doesn’t change, it will still work out for my good. (Romans 8:28)


I just want to encourage you all to grow during this season. Get into God’s word and allow God to speak to your heart and give you perspective concerning your situation.

With Love,




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