Ecclesiastes 12:1-3

1 Remember your Creator
    while you are young,
before the days of trouble come
    and the years when you say,
    “I find no pleasure in them.”
When you get old,
    the light from the sun, moon, and stars will grow dark;
    the rain clouds will never seem to go away.
At that time your arms will shake
    and your legs will become weak.
Your teeth will fall out so you cannot chew,
    and your eyes will not see clearly.

Hey All,

Hope you summer has been going great so far, sorry for the delay in posting the verse of the week. My schedule has been very hectic these past few weeks. Anyways on to the verse of the week. I chose this verse because I found it very relatable to each and everyone of us. Remembrance is something that may seem easy, but in reality with the different things in life that bombard us, God can easily be pushed to the background. I can testify that this problem happens to me, so when I read this verse I saw an urgency in remembering God our Creator each day no matter if our day is going good, bad, okay, or in between. No man knows the day or hour God is coming, and we always have to be ready. This verse just solidifies the importance in remembering God NOW in our young adult lives before we are old or have almost run out of time. Tomorrow isn’t promised, and I know its scary to think that, but we have to in this day and age. God only wants us to choose HIM, and remember HIM throughout our every day movement, because once we take our eyes off God, that’s when the enemy sweeps in to Destroy.  The following are 5 ways we can remember God easily throughout our day:

  1. Read and memorize scriptures: This is an opportunity for God to speak to you through His Word, and His Word never fails.
  2. Pray: The Bible talks about Praying without ceasing, which shows the power of prayer. Pray before, during, or after you read the Bible. Also pray in the morning, afternoon, night. The more you pray the more God REMEMBERS YOU.
  3. Worship: This is an opportunity to worship with God through music. This allows us to focus and remember Gods goodness and presence.
  4. Write in a Journal: I know some of you might not like to write, but this is an amazing way to remember the different areas God REMEMBERED YOU. Write about an experience, a prayer, an individual, anything you want God to take hold of. It will allow you to see small tender mercies that occurred. You will begin to notice God’s hand in your life.
  5. Serve: God talks about serving the poor and the widows which again is something that depicts the humility of God. Serving is an opportunity to get close to God, and this can be as easily as opening a door for someone, watching children, calling someone in need. There are numerous ways to serve, but make sure you do it with God at the forefront. This again will allow God to REMEMBER YOU.

I challenge you all to at least complete 1 of these ways, and if you really want to strengthen your relationship with God try all 5. These are just opportunities for us all to grow in Christ, and continue to be ready for when He comes again to take us HOME. I love you all and I hope you enjoy. REMEMBER GOD wants us all to be in His kingdom, but its a choice so lets choose to serve HIM whole heartedly. I also attached a nice little picture if you want to REMEMBER a more things that God does for us. 1c2f2f3d1fc3f2121a73d176d04f2e4b


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